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  • Corvette KeyForaCure Wes Aqua Black 81533.1630020067

    Champion Color Glow Corvette Wes Finley (Collab Edition)

    Rebelution’s Wesley Finley kicks off our new Celebrity Ambassador Collaboration Project with this Limited Edition Color Glow Champion Corvette. After close family friends lost their young son Matthew to cancer, Wesley chose to have a substantial portion of each disc sale donated to the Key For A Cure Foundation. Key For A Cure is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Monterey, California, funding innovative pediatric cancer research. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children (after accidents), but childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget is dedicated to childhood cancer research. The primary focus of Key For A Cure Foundation is to advocate and raise funds for pediatric cancer research initiatives that lead to less toxic forms of cancer treatment and a cure for cancer. Innova thanks you for helping Wesley and the Key For A Cure Foundation raise funds and awareness for this important cause.

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  • t ch teebird3 barela red 14979.1623662968

    Champion Color Glow Teebird3 Anthony Barela (Tour Series)

    Best Choice for: Accurate shot-shaping, ‘Go-To’ fairway driver, Faster TeeBird with less glide The TeeBird3 represents the evolution of the TeeBird. Many people have described a lot of discs as a «faster TeeBird», but this is the real deal. The … Les mer

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  • firestorm featured


    Flight Rating: Speed 14 Glide 4 Turn -1 Fade 3 Designed for power throwers who want max distance with a straight flight.   Denne disken er for viderekommende som kan dra til og kun da får den en rett flyve … Les mer

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  • mako3 b

    Champion Mako3

    Mako3 er den nyere, litt raskere versjonen av den rettflygende mellomdistansediscen, Mako.
    Mako3 er den perfekte discen for alle som ønsker en rettflygende disc med liten til ingen fade. Som spiller vil du sette pris på de ekstra metrene du vil få som et resultat av den ekstra gliden denne discen har. Hvis du kun skal ha med en disc på banen så er Mako3 et godt valg.
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  • champion roc3 blue 420x420 1

    Champion Roc3

    Best Choice for: Control shots, ‘Go To’ Mid-Range, Mid-Range drives

    The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal ‘Go-To’ Mid-Range in almost any situation. Advanced players will love the versatility of this disc while newer players can rely on the consistent finish. The Champion Roc3 is a signature disc of 2x World Champion Paul McBeth.

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  • champion teebird blue 800x800 1

    Champion Teebird

    Teebird er en av Innova sine mest nøyaktige og pålitelige fairwaydrivere. Kombinasjonen av en rett flygebane, god glide og hastighet gjør discen forutsigbar og kontrollerbar i både motvind og medvind. Med sin allsidighet er Teebird et populært valg for både proffer og mindre erfarne spillere. Utmerket for sylskarp presisjon, distanse og til forehandkast.

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  • champion thunderbird


    Mange av dere har nok en firebird i baggen, thunderbird blir veldig lik en firebird bare med litt mindre fade.

    Kan føre til litt lengre kast før faden setter inn på slutten.

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  • Champion Wraith


    Wraith er en lang, rask og stabil lengdedriver som er forutsigbar i vinden.

    Wraith var en av de første høyhastighetsdriverene som Innova produserte. Med en speed på 11 gir den lange kast og god kontroll for spillere på alle ferdighetsnivåer. Den er en utmerket medvindsdriver og har også nok forutsigbarhet til at den kan brukes i vindfulle forhold. Wraith er en av signaturdriverene til 12 ganger verdensmester, Ken Climo.

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  • dx ra red

    DX Ram

    The DX Ram has been brought back from the grave! Disc Golfers can now pick up a brand new DX Ram and relive some of disc golf’s early days. The Ram is like a large diameter Griffin, working  dependably as an overstable fairway driver.

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  • st halo destroyer ch teal

    Halo Star Destroyer Calvin Heimburg (Tour Series)

    The Destroyer is a very fast stable long distance driver. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. Can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. Not suggested for beginning players.

    These Halo Destroyers are out of this world! This is the perfect disc for Calvin and could be your new favorite. Calvin likes his Destroyers with extra high speed stability and higher dome. These discs will help power Calvin down the longest of fairways, helping him reach further out into the galaxy. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Calvin and his touring efforts. Each Halo disc has a unique blending of rim and flight plate colors. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Calvin and his touring efforts.

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  • halo shryke fn blue 04554.1623663004

    Halo Star Shryke

    The Halo Shryke w/flight numbers is now available as a Limited Production offering. We will attempt to keep these items in stock as often as possible throughout the year. These are slightly more stable and have significant glide making them perfect for massive distance. Grab the extra glide and superior looks with the Halo Star material!

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