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  • Active premium genius 800x800 1


    Veldig lett kastet disk som er designet til å gi ekstra lengde uansett om de er liten eller stor.

    The Genius is the first driver featured in our new Discmania Active lineup. Designed to flip and fly, the Genius has massive amounts of turn making this the optimal disc for beginners as well as anyone looking for a disc that can do more.

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  • Active Premium Magician 800x800 1


    Veldig lettkastede disker som passer både til store og små.

    The Magician is the brand new fairway driver featured as a part of the Discmania Active lineup. The Magician is a stable fairway driver designed to give all players a fairway driver that can be trusted in all conditions.

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  • Active premium Rockstar 420x420 1

    Active Premium Rockstar

    Rockstar is a beginner friendly fairway driver from Active Line. Designed with the player in mind, this disc allows easy access to begin opening up your game to untapped distance and control. Golfers with more experience and power will find this disc to be moderately under stable and will display more high-speed turn from the flight. Beginner to intermediate level players are going to enjoy the smooth nature of it’s flight patterns, superb gliding ability, and adaptability to both forehand and backhand throws. Rockstar features a thin rounded nose with gentle wing on the underside of the disc, making for an extremely comfortable fit in your hand.


    Good for: Beginner to intermediate level players, forehand/backhand drives, tailwind

    not rated kr 169.00
  • apollo

    Apollo first run

    Den første Norskproduserte disken.

    Så skaff deg en til å ha i baggen og en til å ha på veggen.


    Disc description

    The Apollo is a straight-flying mid-range disc with outstanding glide. It fits extremely well in your hand and feels great to throw. It’s a reliable disc which will hold any line you put on it and it has a consistent fade at the end of the flight.

    The Apollo will suit all players, from beginners to professionals. It’s reliable flight, consistent fade and world-class durability is something every disc-golfer is looking for in their bag.

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  • pixlr bg result 4



    Huia blir fort din favoritt fairway driver baggen din, den gir rett flyve bane med en forsiktig fade på slutten. 

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  • pixlr bg result 29


    Huia Prototype.

    Huia blir fort din favoritt fairway driver baggen din, den gir rett flyve bane med en forsiktig fade på slutten. 

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  • pixlr bg result 7


    Kahu er en fantastisk høy hastighet driver. Den har litt turn og en hardere fade på slutten.

    Den passer også veldig godt til forehand kast.

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  • pixlr bg result 9




    Kea er en overstabil midrange som passer ypperlig til kast 30-70 alt etter styrken til kasteren. 

    Den er pålitelig sin uansett vind og vær. 

    not rated kr 179.00
  • Atomic-Kiwi-Yellow


    Kiwi er RPMs første driver. Den var tidligere kjent som the Raptor.

    Det er en overstabil disk som holder en bestemt vinkel med høy hastighet med en hard fade på slutten.

    not rated kr 179.00
  • Atomic-Kotare-red


    Katore er en høy speed overstabil driver fra RPM, den kan være ekstra fin de dagene det blåser.

    not rated kr 179.00
  • Kotuku Final

    Atomic Kotuku

    A good reliable stable to straight disc with a fade, this will easily hold a line and with the glide is sneaky long. Model #: MR3 PDGA Approved: Yes – as the Kotuku / MR3 Diameter: 217mm Weight: 155-180g Speed: 5 Glide: 5 … Les mer

    not rated kr 179.00
  • Pekapeka DGFD2

    Atomic PekaPeka First run.

    Endelig kom RPM med en understabil driver.

    Denne gir det fort noen ekstra lengde meter om du ikke har en veldig stor arm.

    not rated kr 179.00