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  • aura praxis pink swirl 1024x1024

    Aura Praxis

    You know what they say, Praxis makes perfect! 

    Join us in welcoming our newest mold to the Thought Space Athletics line up, the Praxis. Designed to have a modern feel in the hand for accurate releases, the Praxis will be a staple in anyone’s approach game.  Looking for a putter that throws like a mid? We have you covered.

    Behind the «Nautilus» design

    Behold a living fossil! The Nautilus was the source of a couple interesting facts for us. One being that they have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. The other being that their shell showcases the Fibonacci sequence also known as the «Golden Ratio» which is a pattern that appears in nature. Other examples of this sequence can be found in Flower Petals, Flower Seed Heads, Hurricanes, and Spiral Galaxies!

    Flight Numbers: 3-3-0-1

    Due to the swirls in some of these discs we list them under their main color that stands out. Exact color and swirl will vary.

    not rated kr 225.00