Star Wraith Nathan Queen Tour Series

Nathan Queen Wraith – One of the most popular distance drivers in Innova’s lineup. The Wraith is a go-to for lefty Nathan Queen, the disc is well loved by many, the Wraith has a more universally comfortable grip than some of the wider rimmed 12, 13+ speed distance drivers. This is a mold that has made a comeback in recent years and it is a great flyer.  It has a ton of glide and the newer runs have a bit more stability than they have had in the past few years. Great for both forehands and backhands, these disc carve up both wooded courses and open distance control courses. The mold is super reliable and consistent and can be thrown by any skill level. The Nathan Queen Wraith comes in great feeling Star plastic and has a sick stamp that any rockstar would love. Grab one of these frisbees today and help Nathan on his 2021 tour!

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