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Kastaplast starter sett.

kasta set

This Kasta Set includes three of Kastaplast’s most popular discs, hand-picked for their versatile and beginner-friendly flights. PUTTER: Grab your REKO (3/3/0/1) for those straight putts and approaches, or give it a little hyzer on drives and watch it turn over gently. A true go-to putter and a staple in many players’ bags. Reko is Swedish for […]

K1 Guld

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EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH TURNS TO GOLD! ALMOST. AT LEAST THIS PIECE OF PLASTIC DID IN OUR HANDS. The Guld is an overstable distance driver which will put you further down the fairway than ever before. The wider rim, 24 mm, and low profile design assure a speedy power shot with glide and predictable fade, even […]

D-Line P1 Flex 2

D P1 Flex2 White

P1 is back and better than ever before. We went back to the drawing board to create a new and unique take on everyone’s favorite straight-flying putter. A slightly convex, rounded bottom provides a smooth and natural feel in hand. Players of all abilities will enjoy a variety of shot shaping abilities that the P1 offers.

As a slightly shallower cousin to the P2, this putter fits well with just about any type of grip style, is an excellent tool for careful wooded shots, dead straight flights, and flip to flat or anhyzer throws. P1 is a tool you can count on for your putts, tee shots, and approaches.

Find your favorite flight with the P1 today!

K1 Järn Glow Team Fundraiser 2022

K1 Jarn Glow Team Fundraiser 2022

4.5- 3 – 0 – 3 PLAY SMART WITH JÄRN. BEING OVERSTABLE ENOUGH TO BEAT THE HEADWINDS AND FADE PREDICTABLY, THIS DISC IS DEDICATED TO THE CONTROLLED APPROACH GAME. Järn’s flight pattern makes it just as competent for touchy flex shots as for flat-out hyzers. Its low profile makes it easy to grip and to […]

K3 Glow Berg Josef Berg

K3 Glow Berg Josef Berg

1 – 1 – 0 – 2 The Berg can be trusted not to hover far passed the basket even on windy days. What characterizes Berg when thrown off tee is its good high speed stability, without a very hard fade, a combination that makes this disc easy to shape various lines with. Berg features […]

DX leopard

dx leopard yellow 800x800 1

Leopard er et utmerket valg som den første fairwaydriveren i baggen. Nyttig for lange rette kast, finessekast, lange hyzerkast, anhyzere og rollere. Leopard har en utmerket glide og den er lett å kaste rett og langt, noe som gjør den spesielt godt egnet til nye spillere. De mer erfarne spillere vil sette pris på Leoparden […]